Purple Haze

Analogue Interconnect RCA



Purple Haze interconnect represents a revolution and evolution in audio cable design. The cable is terminated with proprietary Gekko GAC1 RCA plugs (patent pending). The connector is made form non-conductive plastic and used to hold the cable’s wires turning them into signal and return connections.

By reducing the amount of conductive metal material used in the signal and the return conductors of a typical RCA plug Gekko RCA reduces inductive, capacitive and eddy current distortion and offers improved signal transmission.


Purple Haze is a directional, unshielded interconnect cable made of two twisted solid-core pure UK silver (99.99%) AWG26 conductors. Each conductor is insulated by braided PTFE threads, then by an additional layer of cotton.

PTFE braid results in more open and dynamic sound then cotton while cotton braid plays an important role as a cushion in reducing unnecessary vibrations to secure real sound. This results in a more open and dynamic sound then our Silver Lining, yet retains natural sound perfectly harmonized with the silver conductors. By eliminating the unnecessary vibrations, while securing the original signal, the mix of PTFE and natural cotton dielectric creates transparent and lively music.

The two conductors are twisted together with two more cotton threads. The cable is then covered with a layer of cotton then a layer of a purple polypropeline providing an additional mechanical protection to the conductors.

The sound of the Gekko Purple Haze cable is fast, open, dynamic and above all - natural. It is able to transfer subtle details and ambient information without distortion or coloration and offer the best soundstage ever. This cable will rival the best and the most expensive interconnects in the World.

•Conductors: 2x 0.4 high purity (99.99%) annealed UK silver

•Primary dielectric layer: PTFE thread

•Secondary dielectric layer: Cotton

•Lay: Orbital twist, 50mm lay length

•Capacitance: (min) 18pF/m

•Inductance: 1.8 uH/m

•Resistance: 0.0.07ohm/m

•Overall jacket: Polypropylene

•Overall diameter: 11.0mm



Purple Haze

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