Who are we?

Gekko Cables was launched in 2012 with the aim to design and create top quality cables for audiophiles, musicians and recording studios. Our product range covers everything from interconnect to speaker, microphone, instrument, mains and digital cables.

All of our cables are handmade and can be built to customer needs.

Our cable design philosophy is very simple: we use high quality conductors and protect them with the best possible insulators (dielectrics) for the best possible sound.

Conductors, or let’s call them wires

Contrary to popular belief, every wire has a unique sound. At Gekko Cables we have spent over a year listening to thousands of different wires: silver, copper, brass, gold and different alloys.

We selected pure UK silver (99.99%), UP-OCC (99.9999%) and OFHC copper (99.99%) solid core annealed wires as the best sounding of the lot. The only measuring instruments in the selection process were our ears.

Dielectric, or let's call it insulation

Once we found the best sounding conductors, we looked for the best dielectric (insulation) material and found it to be cotton. Besides being the best dielectric (the dielectric constant of air is 1.2; cotton is 1.3–1.4; Teflon (PTFE) is 2.1–2.2; nylon is 4.0–4.5), cotton also plays an important role as a cushion in reducing unnecessary vibrations. This prevents microphony, or triboelectric noise.


Two signal conductors are twisted together. This cancels out electromagnetic interference from external sources, improving the effectiveness of the cable and increasing sound dynamics.


The shield's function is to protect the signal conductors from outside interference. We use a high density copper braided shield that provides more than 95% coverage. While in most cables the shield is also used as the return signal conductor, in our cables no signal is transmitted as it is connected only on one side. However, most of our cables are NOT shielded.

Final Cable Jacket

To protect the cables we cover them in either cotton, PVC, a woven polyester jacket, or a combination of all three. This gives our cables their final original look. We try not to spend too much on aesthetics since sound quality is our utmost priority. We don't believe that aesthetics and packaging should be worth more than the cables.


At present, we use Gekko unique GAC1 (patent pending), Switchcraft and G&H range of connectors.

XLR connectors are soldered with high quality, lead-free solder containing 4% silver. All other connectors are NOT using soldering, since solder is 15-18% conductivity of copper.

As they say, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating..."